Michel Doucet
Michel Doucet, founder and owner, made his début in the field in 1974 as manager at Sidbec-Feruni (today Mittal), in Contrecœur. Very interested in recycling, he climbed the ranks quickly, becoming a buyer for Quebec recyclers. Michel’s solid reputation opened doors with the largest businesses in the sector, and today he owns Acier et Métaux Doucet.

A man of action, hands-on work is by far what stimulates him most. For Michel, the best therapy possible is operating the machinery in his yard. Tireless and a man of his word, customer contact is his forte, leading to many great friendships over the years.

Michel Doucet not only finds pleasure in his trade, he is also fascinated by it. The success of his business is in part the proof. His vast knowledge of the field, and the support of his wife Ginette, brother Jean-Pierre and daughter Marilyne (who is preparing to take over the reins) has built the solid foundations of the business and enabled it to thrive.