Mary loader
Marilyne Doucet’s love affair with Acier et Métaux Doucet began slowly but surely in 1998. At that time, she was responsible for maintenance of the business’s offices. Noting her growing interest, her father posted her to the metal sorting team.

But a desire to see the world and test her wings diverted her attention. Between trips, and stints teaching and bar-keeping, the idea and offer to rejoin the family business became increasingly serious. So Marilyne decided to again plunge into the adventure of Acier et Métaux Doucet. To start, she inherited responsibility for receiving. But her role quickly shifted to sales prospecting. Her climb up the AMD ladder has given her an understanding and mastery of the business’s smallest details.

Today, Marilyne manages industrial accounts, metal purchasing and sales, major projects, human resources, and more still. Enthralled with her profession, she constantly seeks to innovate, improve work methods and pursue her quest for knowledge through development courses in business management and administration. Hard work, perseverance and strength-of-will have earned her the title of General Manager of Acier et Métaux Doucet, a role she plays brilliantly and with enormous pride.