Ginette Bussières
Ginette Bussières has been responsible for the business’s accounting since the very first days of Acier et Métaux Doucet. Before supporting her husband’s business launch, Ginette held several managerial positions, both with the federal government and with companies, Alcan among them. She took advantage of her husband’s redeployment to return to school in a field that captured and has held her interest to this day: landscaping and landscaping architectural design. She went on to work in the field for a number of years.

While Acier et Métaux Doucet was cutting its teeth, Ginette divided her time between Rock Forest, the family home at the time, and Granby, new home-port for the Doucet clan, in order to take care of her two daughters and the books of the new business.

Ginette is known for her professionalism, perfectionism and seasoned eagle-eye when it comes to overseeing the company’s books. This queen of numbers is also a key management resource whenever important decisions are to be made. Ginette has made an enormous contribution to the business, and, in so doing, has prepared a legacy of proven and efficient work methods for the generation to come.